Red Hot 17 :

By ADF BINGO (other events)

Saturday, February 17 2018 6:30 PM 10:30 PM

Red Hot 17:Saturday evening Febuary 17th only!

Over $23,000.00 In Cash Prizes !

$11.00 Promo (Promo includes One regular Book , One Special Book , One Early Bird set.

$300.00 regular games (20 )in all . - $2,000.00 Specials - (2) parts 10 games in all .

$1,000.00 Bonanza - $1,000.00 U-Pick

$5,000.00 Jackpot. 

$20.00 computer with the purchase of three sets  and money balls.

Downloads $25.00 each after $20.00. - Coupons accepted.  

Doors Open 4:45 p.m. - Early Birds 6:30 p.m. - Regular games 7:15 p.m.

Only 200 computers will be reserved online all others will be avialble on first come basis the day of the event.  This site is only for advance reservstions for the Promo House package of Three sets , computer and money balls. Other packages avaiable beyond the House Package that can be purchased the day of the event.  

Promo House Package 1: $55.00   

3 Regular books, 3 Special Books 3 Early bird sets , One computer and money balls.

Games not included :

  • Bonanza, - Upick, (2) Charity games and Winner Take All at $1.00 Each  
  • Min. Buy In : $11.00 for one Promo set paper only
    • Includes 1 reg. book , one special book, one early bird set .
    • (additional games , computer and money balls not included).
  • For more information visit:
    • /adfbingo/facebook - 301-884-8889

  • Computers must be picked up 15 minutes prior to the regular scheduled games or a refund or a in house credit will be issued. We will not hold computers 15 mintues prior to regular games begining on Advance reservations.(No Exceptions).

  • This is to only reserve your computer all other paper and computer and money ball  sales will be added in your final total day of event minus your 5.00 fee and any other coupons or gift certificates.    




All purchases must be made by patrons 18 and older ID maybe required at time of pick -up.




Mailing Address

p.o. box 567 Mechanicsville, MD 20659